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Jesus. Story. Youth.

Enjoy imaginative stories that open up FUN & ENGAGING faith conversations.

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U.S. 13-21-year-olds who said “I mainly trust people my own age for insights and advice.”
(Source: Barna, Gen Z Vol.2 Report, 2021)

Faith Conversations can be hard.

Whether it’s generational gaps, tech distractions, ideological differences, or any number of factors, creating a non-awkward space for real faith conversations can be hard.

Media is where conversation happens.

From personal social media posts to popular TV shows, movies, and games, just about every young person today speaks the language of media.  A language built on the foundation of storytelling.

group lore

Imaginative Stories.
Real Conversation.

Our mission is to spark REAL FAITH CONVERSATIONS! We equip PARENTS, MINISTRY LEADERS, and CHRISTIAN EDUCATORS with tools to help you reach students right where they are, using IMMERSIVE DIGITAL STORIES that unlock new ways of exploring the biggest questions they have in life — all from a Biblical perspective.

We love Jesus

The master storyteller, our inspiration and reason for what we do.

We love story

The thing that helps us see ourselves and one another more clearly.

We love youth

The very people we’re energized by, learn from and serve.

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  • An interactive digital magazine that will help you have fun & engaging FAITH CONVERSATIONS with the youth in your life. Great for parents, youth ministry leaders, and Christian educators!
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  • Embark on a 6-part adventure series that lets YOU & YOUR FRIENDS decide the moral choices of two teens who may be the last hope for humanity, but only if they confront the LOSS in their lives!

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“Group Lore’s commitment to quality and innovative storytelling totally hits the mark for today’s students.”

Steve McBeth  |  Former President of Disney Interactive

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