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Have questions?  You’re in the right place.


Have questions?  You’re in the right place.

At the end of each part of this saga, you–along with readers from across the globe–will have 72 hours to collectively decide the path that both Ty and Liv will take in their adventure.  72 hours later, all the votes will be tallied and the most popular option will be what explodes from the screens in their next stories!

Each year, a 3-part story for both Ty and Liv will be released over a four month period of time.  While early access for Part-01 is available now, The saga’s official launch is slated for the later part of 2022.

You can experience the saga as either Ty or Liv, and if you really want to dive deep into the adventure, you can do both!

The saga will be released each year in two, 3-part chapters, with a new part of both Ty and Liv’s adventure going live on the first day of each of those four months.

Absolutely! You can read an issue at any time… Just keep in mind that voting will only be open for 72 hours after a new part has been released.

Yes! You can read the first part of both Ty and Liv’s adventure for absolutely no cost and without having to enter any credit card information by clicking here for Ty and here for Liv.

We’ll be sad to see you go, but you can cancel anytime by clicking here.

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