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Our Approach

Our faith-based and parent-minded approach to entertainment media.

Media Stress on Parents.

If you’re feeling the stress of trying to find high-quality, safe entertainment for your kids while also guarding against a variety of unhealthy forms of media, you’re not alone.

12 %

Christian moms in the U.S. who site digital content as one of their top 3 struggles when it comes to guiding their children’s spiritual formation
(Source: Barna, One-Third of Engaged Christian Parents Is “Media-Stressed”, 2020)

A digital alternative.

We at Group Lore believe that you shouldn’t have to choose between high-quality and high values when it comes to media and entertainment.


A parent-first approach to entertainment media.

We ABSOLUTELY LOVE the stories we produce and are confident that each one will speak life into every young person who experiences them.  That said, the stories that teach us the most are often found at the end of a winding road of heartbreak, loss, danger, and a series of poor decisions.  We also know that every parent, ministry leader, and educator has specific criteria for what they deem safe for the young people in their lives.  To that end, we want to share the principles that guide our content.



We view the Bible as God’s roadmap for life and guide for the moral compass of our stories.

Beauty &

Our stories are designed to inspire, but that inspiration does not ignore the brokenness of our world.

Biblical view of human sexuality

With respect to those who disagree, our stories will promote a Biblical view of male and female relationships and sexuality.

Parent & mentor led

If concerned, we encourage parents, ministry leaders, and educators to review our stories prior to sharing with their youth.

Our Age Rating System.

Our rating system is informed by caring adults and professionals who help us determine the best age-range for our content.

Ministry Leaders

Thoughtful ministry leaders who advise on the impact that our stories may have on the spiritual formation of youth.

Education Professionals

Seasoned educators who help guide how our stories will be experienced from a learning & comprehension standpoint.

Mental Health Professionals

Licensed professionals who advise on the impact that our stories may have on the mental & emotional health of youth.

Parents & Mentors

Caring parents & mentors who advise on the impact that our stories may on youth from a character-building standpoint.


Really good question.  Much like Jesus’ practice of going to the “Marketplace” to connect with people where they are vs where might be more convenient, we simply want to create tools that connect with young people where they are vs where we might prefer they be.

Our flagship story The Way, is rated at a 12yr and older rating, which means that the romance level will be limited to boy-girl flirtation and on rare occasions a kiss.

Our flagship story The Way, is rated at a 12yr and older rating, which means that the violence within the story will include weapons, fighting, action violence.  Also, because so many young people are dealing with great amounts of  loss over the past several years, there will be character deaths within the story so as to create space for discussions around the weight of such loss.

“Group Lore’s commitment to quality and innovative storytelling totally hits the mark for today’s students.”

Steve McBeth  |  Former President of Disney Interactive

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