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The reckless scavenger.


The reckless scavenger.




Tyren Hunter

An orphan with a tragic past and an uncertain future, Tyren Hunter has never had it easy. Forced to work as a magnetic scavenger in the most dangerous part of the city (The Hanging Ruins), barely escaping death is an everyday occurrence. Ever the optimist however, Ty is determined to build a new life for himself in the Ruins, no matter what he has to leave behind to do it.



A scavenger forced to locate magnetic remains deep within the lower rungs of Halcyon City in a place known simply as the Hanging Ruins, Ty once dreamed of joining the ranks of the Halcyon Guard, the magnetic guardians who built his city and were tasked with holding it together.


Ty is never not equipped with his goggles, the special tool that lights the way by using illicit data to guide him through the city on whatever path possible.

The Hanging Ruins

A vast and dangerous debris field that rests beneath the mountain of Halcyon City, splintered by the magnetic accident the tore the city in two ten years ago.

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